lago di Ogliastro 2 - Fine Art Produzioni Lake Ogliastro

Irrigation for fields is an urgent need in the hot summers of the Sicilian hinterland. The artificial lakes, technically called “reservoirs” are the solution. At least that the Cassa del Mezzogiorno has also identified also here

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Parco di Floristella 7 - Fine Art Produzioni Floristella-Grottacalda Mining Park

The long gone economy of the sulfur mines, now date back two centuries. Distant but still present in our imaginaries, because of the protagonist of famous literature, and parts of the history of men, children, communities and in

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Lago di Ogliastro 7 - Fine Art Produzioni Fishing on Lake Ogliastro

Armed with a suitable license, enthusiasts can spend one or more days on the reservoir aiming to capture black bass, pike, eel and carp. We recommend the late afternoon hours and the location at the mouth of the river. Remember

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Chiesa di San Lorenzo 1 - Fine Art Produzioni San Lorenzo and “Battimento”

In summer, in August, the feast of San Lorenzo – Patron of Aidone – is a deeply felt event in the village. From the 16th century it is a devoted tradition to the saint, who according to legend is responsible for having intercept

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Morgantina rivive 6 - Erminio Gattuso Morgantina Comes Alive

As if the Morgantina site itself was not enough, it offers one more way to get an idea of ancient city life in a single glance.  What is more, its completeness in such a small space, between public spaces and private homes, incl

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Aidone-sett-Santa-14 Holy Week

For those who visit Sicily, Easter Week a mass of stimuli and suggestions that need to be revisited again and again. One of the possible forms it shared here, with its peculiarities that invite you to visit and understand. The p

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Itinerario Parco Minerario Floristella – Grottacalda e Parco Ronza

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language.Il Parco Minerario Floristella – Grottacalda comporta un

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Stone Theaters

Bring places to life and get them talking through theater. With this in mind, for many years in various archaeological sites in Sicily and elsewhere, classical performances are held that attract thousands of fans. Morgantina wit

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San Filippo

Every May 1, Aidone becomes the destination of a pilgrimage from about 50 Sicilian villages; many pilgrims face the journey on foot. The reason for this massive effort is the widespread affection of inland Sicily to this saint.

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