Castello di Corradino 2 - Fine Art Produzioni Corradino Castle

A few kilometers from the city center on a rocky outcrop are the ruins of the Corradino Castle. In fact, the building has a square plan preceded by a pronaos, which looks more like a tower. The name of the Castle is a misnomer b

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Forre Laviche e Ponte dei Saraceni 18 - Fine Art Produzioni Saracen Bridge (9th century)

The Saracen Bridge is dated from the 9th century and links the territory of Adrano with that of Centuripe. It stands on the banks of the Simeto river, the largest in Sicily, flowing along this stretch in a channel enclosed in ba

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Museo Archeologico 8 - foto del Museo Archeologico di Centuripe Centuripe Regional Archaeological Museum

Although much of the archaeological finds from Centuripe are scattered throughout various national and international museums; the Centuripe Archaeological Museum opened in 2000, combining major municipal collections formed in th

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Carcaci 3 - Fine Art Produzioni Ancient village of Carcaci

About 10 kilometers from Centuripe, on the road that leads from Catania to Adrano, you come across a sort of square (an open space actually) after crossing the Simeto. It is half bordered by houses, from which some streets depar

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Terme 2 - foto del Museo Archeologico di Centuripe Roman Thermal Baths

In the Bath district, a short walk from the old town, are the remains of the Centuripe Roman Baths; a grand building with a brick front fifty meters wide, divided into five large semicircular niches. You can still see the painte

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Tempio degli Augustali 3 - Fine Art Produzioni The Augustali

A short walk from the Regional Archaeological Museum, also on Via Giulio Cesare, you can admire the Augustali building. The area must have been rich in public buildings of a civic nature, forums, etc., even in the Hellenic-Roman

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Duomo 9 - Fine Art Produzioni Church of the Mother of the Immaculate Conception

In the heart of the city center is the Church of the Mother of the Immaculate Conception. It was designed around the first decades of the 17th century and opened for worship in 1728; it was elevated to the rank of Collegiate Chu

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Falso d'autore 2 - Giorgio Franco Itinerary among the master forgeries

In Centuripe there are now over a dozen artisan companies, properly registered at the Chamber of Commerce, which produce antique pottery: replicas of authentic copies, reproduced with formulas, techniques, use of materials and t

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Itinerario Centuripe e il Ponte dei Saraceni

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language.Collocato nella parte più orientale del Distretto, questo

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Ethno-Anthropological Museum of Rural Life

A few steps from City Hall, the seat of the former municipal slaughterhouse, which renovated to correspond with the original building, welcomes the Ethno-Anthropological Museum of Rural Life. The Cultural Anthropology Collection

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