San Filippo Aidone San Filippo
1 May 2019

Every May 1, Aidone becomes the destination of a pilgrimage from about 50 Sicilian villages; many pilgrims face the journey on foot. The reason for this massive effort is the widespread affection of inland Sicily to this saint.

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Chiesa di San Lorenzo 3 - Fine Art Produzioni San Lorenzo and “Battimento”
10 August 2019

In summer, in August, the feast of San Lorenzo – Patron of Aidone – is a deeply felt event in the village. From the 16th century it is a devoted tradition to the saint, who according to legend is responsible for having intercept

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Aidone-sett-Santa-14 Holy Week
15 April 2019

For those who visit Sicily, Easter Week a mass of stimuli and suggestions that need to be revisited again and again. One of the possible forms it shared here, with its peculiarities that invite you to visit and understand. The p

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