Walking Tour of Centuripe
This route allows you to visit on foot some areas of the historic center of Centuripe and then, using the car for about 14 km, reach the majestic promontory of Pietra Perciata to venture off on a short path of nature and archaeological trekking.


It starts from the mausoleum dating back to the Roman imperial age, called Castello Corradino (Viale Corradino). The square-planned building, preceded by a “pronaos” (In ancient temples, the space between the cell and the columns in front), looks more like a tower and the name “castle” is improper because it is, in fact, a mausoleum dating back to the imperial age which, together with the so-called “Customs“, is one of the most important funerary monuments of the Middle Empire known in Sicily. In the 13th century the castle was used by Conrad Capace as a fortress for the defense of the Swabians in Sicily. The place is particularly evocative not only for the uniqueness of the monument that attests the importance of Centuripe in the Roman Empire, but also for the splendid panorama that opens facing the plain of Catania and Etna.


From here you can reach the Regional Archaeological Museum in Via Giulio Cesare (Tel: 093573079; info@museocenturipe.it). The Regional Archaeological Museum of Centuripe, has both the municipal collections formed in the first decades of the last century thanks to donations and isolated recoveries, and what comes from regular excavations carried out starting in 1951, in collaboration with the Superintendence of Syracuse and the Institute of Archaeology of the University of Catania. On the same street you can visit the remains of buildings of the Imperial Era, called “Augustali”, located near the church of SS. Crocifisso.  It is a public complex whose visible parts house a rectangular building with several rooms, including an originally paved mosaic in marble, with marble cladding on the walls adorned with columns. The discovery of the head of Augustus, portraits of Drusus Major, Drusus Minor and Germanicus and a series of acephalous statues, together with the dedication to the Genius of Augustus by an Augustal quadrunvirate, forces to identify the seat of the Augustals, near the Forum of the city.


After having lunch on the farm in the area that, in addition to offering hospitality and tasty dishes, is home to the production of the famous red orange of Sicily IGP.  In the afternoon you can visit the Promontory of Pietraperciata (GPS coordinates 37.548413, 14.739207.), just over 14 km away by car.


The Rocks of Pietraperciata (pierced stone) owe their name to the alveoli created by the wind erosion and the artificial excavations used as tombs like “grotticelle” (small caves) dating back to the Bronze Age (1,800-1,400 B.C. approximately). The small promontory lies north of the Dittaino River and extends majestically for a hundred meters. After an exciting day of walking, we recommend staying at one of the structures of the area so that you can start off your day visiting other municipalities of the Tourist District Aidone- Piazza Armerina- Caltagirone and take part in the many experiential activities offered.  For further information, please contact the Pro Loco of Centuripe (Viale Corradino s.n.c. -Tel: 3807904393. Info: prolococenturipe@libero.it ).


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