Feast of Zazza Veccia – Piazza Armerina
One  of  the  most  evocative  moments to visit  Piazza Armerina is May 3rd in occasion of the Feast of St. Mary of Piazza Vecchia, in honor of the patron saint of victories, one of the oldest  religious and tourist folk traditions of the city.


This religious event, particularly loved by the citizens of Piazza Armerina, has infact, very ancient origins. It is said that near today’s Shrine of Piazza Vecchia, around 1348, the effigy of Our Lady of Victories was found, Patron of the city of Piazza Armerina to whom the miracle of the cessation of the pestilence that was decimating the population, was attributed.


Every year, on the last Sunday of April, a copy of the sacred icon of St. Mary of the Victories, is carried in procession from the Sanctuary of Piazza Vecchia, along a very suggestive country road for about two kilometers, up to the Church of the Guardian Angels, to be venerated by all the followers and then brought back on May 3rd, day of the feast, when between manifestations of great devotion and moments of folklore, the sacred image returns to the Sanctuary.


It is advisable to overnight at one of the excellent facilities in the area to explore the neighboring territories and take part in the many authentic activities  in the territory of the Morgantina Tourist District.


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