Museo di Aidone 1 - Erminio Gattuso Regional Archeological Museum

Even the building is worth a visit; the Regional Archaeological Museum was in fact placed in the former Capuchin monastery and church of San Francesco, a recently restored 18th century complex to best tell the story of Morgantin

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Ruderi del Castello 1 - Fine Art Produzioni Castle ruins

Strategically located, scenic and picturesque, the ruins of what was once the village’s medieval castle, or the “Cast’ddazz” the Castellaccio of Aidone sits above the village and the surrounding countryside. Possibly Arab-Norman

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Chiesa di San Lorenzo 2 - Fine Art Produzioni Church San Lorenzo or Matrice

  It is the oldest and perhaps the most singular, building dedicated to the patron saint of Aidone, rebuilt after the earthquake of 1693 with its same collapsed materials and maintaining lateral buttresses and entrance. Alt

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Chiesa di San Domenico 1 - Fine Art Produzioni Church of San Vincenzo Ferreri (Former convent of San Domenico)

If you arrive in Piazza Dante Alighieri on days with perfect visibility, overlooking the beautiful lookout to the northeast is the church of San Francesco Ferreri, former convent of San Domenico. It will appear to be at one with

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Basilica di San Leone 2 - Fine Art Produzioni Basilica of San Leone

According to tradition Pope Leo II, to whom the church was named after in the eleventh century, was very close to Aidone, perhaps even born there. What is certain is that the original building was founded on megalithic stones fr

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Chiesa di Sant'Anna 9 - Fine Art Produzioni Church of Sant’Anna

This building is truly interesting. At first glance it looks like a fairly monolithic single building with some slight overhang. Walking around it and reaching the main facade, your perception changes: although this is very simp

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Chiesa do Santa Maria La Cava 6 - Fine Art Produzioni Church of Santa Maria La Cava

After reaching the Piazza Filippo Cordova, you will notice the Torre Adelasia. It is a quite unusual architectural feature for the urban landscape of the town of Aidone. Today what is bell tower of the adjacent church of Santa M

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Morgantina 4 - Fine Art Produzioni Morgantina Archeological site

A thousand years of urban history concluded two thousand years ago. This could summarize the story of Morgantina, the city that can better show the visitor also non-experts, better than many other archaeological sites, how urban

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Gresti Castle or Pietratagliata

According to local historians, this picturesque and charming (but also very abandoned) place has an ancient history. It maybe even dates back to the Greek or pre-Hellenistic era. The view is amazing, since it is an actual small

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Aidone and Morgantina

You want at least a full day to visit Aidone, the Regional Archaeological Museum and the archaeological site of Morgantina, to absorb the details, sounds and scenery of the area and its intense Aidonese You can reach Aidone (Dir

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