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Fico d'India di San Cono 4 - Fine Art Produzioni San Cono Prickly Pear PDO

What makes the San Cono Prickly Pear unique are its large size, peel, intense color, delicate fragrance and very sweet taste. The sweetness and size of the fruit compared with other areas of production in Sicily are important tr

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Maccu di favi 2 - Fine Art Produzioni Maccu di favi

It is a hearty peasant dish that originated in the province of Agrigento, but its preparation has spread throughout Sicily. It is a bean cream made with dried and shelled beans with long cooking time, so that when they are crush

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Guastedda 2 Guastedda

A definite specialty from Enna is the “guastedda” also called “vastedda cu sammucu” or “nfigghiulata”. It is a cake with medieval origins that is abundantly stuffed with chunks of sausage and Tuma, but also can be filled in vari

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Piacentinu ennese dop 2 - Consorzio tutela piacentinu ennese Piacentino Ennese DOP

Piacentino, in dialect called “piacentinu ennisi”, is produced in nine municipalities in the province of Enna. This cheese is one of the major elements of the typical local cuisine. On February 15, 2011, it received the Protecte

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Cannolo siciliano 1 Cassatelle and cannoli

Thanks to the quality pecorino cheese produced in the area, Caltagirone has been named among the Sicilian cities known for its cheese. A ricotta base is prepared for many irresistible desserts inherited from the Arab tradition:

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vino alle mandorle - Michele Seminato Almond wine

Piazza Armerina is also synonymous with almond wine, a white wine worked with the very delicate and fragrant essence of almond. Served cold, it can be an excellent aperitif or an ideal pairing with delicious traditional Sicilian

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Mandorle vinciatutti 1 - Fine Art Produzioni Almond “Vinciatutti”

In the past, almond spread in Mediterranean countries, in Asia and in Africa, for its beauty and for its precious seed. In Sicily, it landed with the Phoenicians and it was used for the preparation of delicious desserts and, sin

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Pane del Dittaino 4 - Fine Art Produzioni Pagnotta del Dittaino

Sicily known as the historic granary of Italy, at least until a few centuries ago. Wheat has always been a pillar of the culture and food for Sicilians, who have interpreted it in thousands of ways. The Pagnotta del Dittaino is

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