Tradition at the table
Cucciddati e Bersaglieri 4 - Fine Art Produzioni The “Bersagliere”

If you visit Centuripe during the Christmas season, it’s easy to find an opportunity to sample “Bersagliere”, a cake covered with chocolate that was created during the Second World War. It appears that the origin of this cake is

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Cucciddati e Bersaglieri 2 - Fine Art Produzioni The “Cucciddati”

In Sicily all the holidays on the calendar are characterized by traditional sweets, the “cucciddati” are categorized as Christmas sweets; they were originally bread with dried fruit (figs, almonds, raisins, nuts, etc.). The name

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Guammelle 2 - Fine Art Produzioni Guammelle

Other recognized “traditional food”, Guammelle are biscuits made with flour, sugar and eggs, destined for fresh consumption and not for conservation. The realization, thanks to interviews to the holders of traditional recipes, d

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Buccellati 2 - Fine Art Produzioni Buccellato

Dried figs and almonds, a riot of flavors inside a colored biscuit. So you could briefly describe “Buccellato”, rectangular biscuit filling that leads to the palate summer flavors even when it is winter. Both those with figs (Pi

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Zafferano Ennese 3 - Ororosso Ennese Saffron

Did you know that in Enna produces an alternative crop? It’s saffron, a precious spice with intense color known as “red gold”. Since the Middle Ages it was imported and in 1200 it was used as a bargaining chip instead of money.

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cuddureddi 1 Cuddureddi

Cuddureddi are sweet pastry in a circular shape (8 cm in diameter and about 1-1.5 in tall) characterized by a filling of cooked wine and almonds. They are cooked in the oven while keeping the external dough (almost like an embro

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Cannolo siciliano 1 Cassatelle and cannoli

Thanks to the quality pecorino cheese produced in the area, Caltagirone has been named among the Sicilian cities known for its cheese. A ricotta base is prepared for many irresistible desserts inherited from the Arab tradition:

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Panareddi 3 Panareddi

The typical Easter sweets with a preparation of bread dough and cooked in a wood oven. They contain, a wrapped or exposed chicken egg. They are often very colorfully decorated with sprinkles, sugar and cloves. What makes panared

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cubbaita e giuggiulena 1 - Fine Art Produzioni Cubbaita e giuggiulena

Also “a cubbaita” and “a giuggiulena” belong to the muslim food tradition. The first is a soft nougat that includes ingredients like candied orange, cooked wine, chickpeas and honey (another typical production of the calatino di

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vino alle mandorle - Michele Seminato Almond wine

Piazza Armerina is also synonymous with almond wine, a white wine worked with the very delicate and fragrant essence of almond. Served cold, it can be an excellent aperitif or an ideal pairing with delicious traditional Sicilian

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Mandorle vinciatutti 1 - Fine Art Produzioni Almond “Vinciatutti”

In the past, almond spread in Mediterranean countries, in Asia and in Africa, for its beauty and for its precious seed. In Sicily, it landed with the Phoenicians and it was used for the preparation of delicious desserts and, sin

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Mostarda di fichidindia 1 - Fine Art Produzioni The prickly pear Mustard

It is a kind of frost, the prickly pear mustard. It comes from the fruit (and the plant) that is often associated with Sicily and Sicilian: dangerous thorns outside, colors and sweetness as soon as you exceed the impenetrable sk

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Homemade cavatelli pasta. Cavate

Defining it “pasta” is an understatement, perhaps. It is rather an alchemy of flour, water and salt that, once prepared, is ready for the sauce. It is a product not intended for drying but for immediate consumption, which makes

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Maccu di grano 3 Maccu di granu

The “Maccu”, which for Sicilians is often a puree of cereals or legumes, since time immemorial has filled the island’s tables. Especially in the area of Aidone, the wheat version is widespread; simply seasoned with olive oil, it

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