Experiential Itineraries
mosaico Mosaic workshop

The experiential itinerary proposes to take part in the mosaic workshop to perform in the “Bentornato Artigianato” shop in the charming historic center of Aidone. The workshop aims to bring closer adults and children to the complex art of mosaic, of

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pittura-su-ceramica2.php Ceramic painting workshop

The experiential itinerary proposes to take part in the ceramic painting workshop inside the “Bentornato Artigianato” shop in the charming historic center of Aidone. After a brief introduction on the ceramic processing stages, the types of ceramic co

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argilla Manipulation of clay workshop

The experiential itinerary proposes to take part to the handcraft workshop which takes place inside the “Bentornato Artigianato” shop in the evocative historical center of Aidone. The workshop has been created with the aim of bringing closer adults a

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It.Esperienziale_GiornoApicultore_66 Beekeeper for a day in Piazza Armerina

After  having  lived  in  the medieval  atmosphere of  Piazza Armerina, your tour  continues to  a  farm to experience a day as a beekeeper,  an involving experience,  immerging  oneself  in  the  heart  of  Sicily to  discover colors and  flavors.

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It.Esperienziali_ZafferanoAidone_85 Saffron: from harvesting to tasting in the Sicilian heartland

Besides being a fertile land for wheat and olive groves,theSicilian heartland is the land of saffron,and visiting a farm that sows this precious spice,  harvesting and drying the pistils and then producing the saffron,is an unconventional experience.

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It.Naturalistici_EscursioneFuoristrada_09 Off-road excursion through woods and cliffs to discover the Castle of Pietratagliata or Gresti

The itinerary,in addition to being a naturalistic trail and,at the same time,of great historical and archaeological interest,it is an adventurou off-road route that allows you to discover the hidden and fascinating corners of the Sicilian hinterland.

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It.Esperienziali_RaccoltaOlivePiazzaArmerina_40 The Olive Harvest in Piazza Armerina

Enjoying the  excellent  Sicilian  olive  oil and  participating in  the harvesting and production of olives is a non  traditional  experience  that  needs to be lived, immersing yourself in the authentic atmosphere of the Sicilian hinterland.  

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It.Esperienziali_SegretiConservaPomodoro_24 The secrets of tomato sauce,Piazza Armerina

The  itinerary offers a challenging  but  enriching sensorial day to discover the Sicilian red vegetable: the tomato, the base of many typical  Sicilian dishes.  The experience  starts from the fields  and ends with a cooking class organized for you!

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It.Esperienziale_Ricotta_29 On a farm to discover how to prepare the Sicilian ricotta cheese  

The  itinerary  recommends   to take part in  the interesting demonstration of the production of the  famous  Sicilian  ricotta c heese  on a charming farm surrounded by  nature not far  from the  medieval  towns of  Piazza Armerina and Aidone.

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It.Esperienziale_GiornoAgricoltore_62 A day as a farmer in Piazza Armerina

Living a day as a farmer who is knowledgeable on the secrets of cultivating an organic vegetable garden near PiazzaArmerina, is an engaging experience which gives you the opportunity to uncover treasures,colors and flavors of the Sicilian hinterland.

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It.Esperienziali_CavalcataNellaNaturaIncontaminataCaltagirone_67 A horse ride in the unspoilt nature of Caltagirone

  The itinerary suggests a visit to the Caltagirone offering the opportunity to explore unspoilt areas on horseback.The visit starts on an excellent farm that offers excursions on horseback along nature trails in the nearbyBoschi di SantoPietro

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It.Esperienziali_TuffonelGialloEntroterraPiacentinu_65 A dip into the taste of the “Piacentino Ennese”

To be able to grasp the true meaning of authenticSicily and experience the area located between theErei mountains and the majesticEtna,the tour offers a visit toAidone associated with the discovery of the typical colors and flavors of the hinterland.

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Falso d'autore 6 - Giorgio Franco Itinerary among the master forgeries

In Centuripe there are over a dozen artisan companies which produce antique pottery:replicas of authentic copies, reproduced with techniques,use of materials and tools of the trade linked to a secret tomb and which are passed down from father to son.

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