Pesca 1 - Fine Art Produzioni September Peach PGI

Sweet fruit with its typical yellow color and exotic scents: the cultivation of the late peach in Leonforte, the exquisite Settembrina peach is a delightful garrison of Slow Food renowned for its organoleptic characteristics, PG

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Fava 3 - Fine Art Produzioni Broad Fava Beans

Not just food, the Leonforte fava bean also serves rotating with wheat, to enrich the soil with nitrogen. They still are a mainstay-ingredient of leonfortese cooking. Cultivation is still done entirely by hand. In November and D

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Lenticchie Nere 1 - Fine Art Produzioni Black Lentil

There is a specific area in Enna that risks extinction due to EU policy, because they are unable to be subjected to intensive cultivation. Even the sight of it is reminiscent of ancient medieval paintings of folk life. It can be

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Olio EVO 1 - Fine Art Produzioni Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The quality of the tree determines the olive oil produced. Here, in the hills of Leonforte, a Moorish quality is cultivated. The oil made from it is unique with its distinctive fruity and faint bitter and spicy aftertastes with

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Cuddure San Giuseppe 1 The “Cuddure” for San Giuseppe

For San Giuseppe it was tradition that on the altars dedicated to him 33 symbolic loaves were prepared. Apparently that was called “U Cunzulu da Bedda Matri”, the funeral feast offered consolation to the Virgin Mary on the occas

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