Lago Nicoletti 4 - Fine Art Produzioni Lake Nicoletti

Lake Nicoletti, born in the 1970s as a reservoir, it is home to many seasonal migratory birds as well as many other species linked to aquatic environments. The natural environments are complimented by an impressive agricultural

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RNO Monte Altesina 2 - Fine Art Produzioni Monte Altesina Nature Reserve

1,192 meters high, it was one of the key points of division in the valleys by the Arabs (Val Demone, Val di Mazzara and Noto Valley): then was named “Mount Ereo” or airplane (soaring into the sky?). “As tall as the Altesina” is

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Montagna di Mezzo, Monte Scala, Monte Boscorotondo 1 - Fine Art Produzioni Mezzo Mountain, Monte Scala and Monte Boscorotondo

Mezzo Mountain, Monte Scala and Monte Boscorotondo are natural habitats with special rocky environments and intricate forest vegetation: cork oaks, oaks, holm oaks and olea europaea. On the slopes of Mezzo Mountain are the ruins

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Living Nativity

Conceived by the Brotherhood Santa Maria Addolorata, it was held for the first time in December 1995. It is a representation that brings the Gospel message and the history of salvation to the stage, from creation to the birth of

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Pesca 6 - Fine Art Produzioni The Peaches and Typical Products Fair

The Settembrina or “late” peach of Leonforte has its own festival, a time to enhance and share with fans, visitors and local people. It is also an opportunity to bring to light other local products like the “broad” fava bean, ex

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Festa San Giuseppe e Tavolate 1 Festival of San Giuseppe and its Tables

In Leonforte in the middle of March, from the afternoon of the 18th and lasting all night long, is the “giranu l’artara”, which means that you can visit the votive tables festively laden with typical bread, seasonal fruits and s

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