Giardino Pubblico 6 - Fine Art Produzioni Public Garden

One of the walks that must be taken if you visit Caltagirone is certainly the charming Public Garden, located behind the Museum of Ceramics, which can be accessed by two flights of stairs: from Via Roma (main entrance next to th

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Bosco di Santo Pietro 14 - Fine Art Produzioni Bosco di Santo Pietro Nature Reserve

Near San Pietro, a small village about twenty kilometers from Caltagirone, it is possible to enter the Bosco di Santo Pietro Nature Reserve which extends to over 6,500 hectares on a sandy plateau crisscrossed by valleys. The For

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a truvatura - ASIEUR 2 Antiques market “in truvatura”

“A truvatura”, is a typical antiques market that takes place every third Sunday of the month in Piazza Umberto from 9AM to 11PM, in the heart of the historical center of Caltagirone (Piazza Umberto). In dialect “a Truvatura” is

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La scala infiorata diurno 2 - Enzo Piluso in Archivio Fotografico Musei Civici L. Sturzo Caltagirone The Floral Staircase for Our Lady of Conadomini

Along with the famous Illuminated Staircase in July and August, from mid-May to mid-June, the Santa Maria del Monte staircase offers an equally impressive show: “The Floral Staircase”, is a tribute to Our Lady of Conadomini, pat

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Scala di Santa Maria del Monte 3 - Fine Art Produzioni Santa Maria del Monte Staircase

The Scala Santa Maria del Monte Staircase is the monument that best represents Caltagirone in Italy and around the world. Also known as the San Giacomo Staircase, it is about 130 meters long and is spread over 142 steps. Its his

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Festival of Maria SS. of Piazza Vecchia

Among the popular religious and tourist traditions, the city of Piazza Armerina includes the Festival of May 3rd or Maria SS. of Piazza Vecchia, in honor of the patron saint Our Lady of Victories. This religious feast, particula

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Fiera di Piazza

The “Fiera di Piazza” is held every last Sunday of the month, in the former SIACE in Contrada Bellia, on the northern outskirts of the town of Piazza Armerina. It is the oldest animal market in Sicily, and testifies through its

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Parco Ronza 4 - Fine Art Produzioni Ronza Park

Between Enna and Piazza Armerina we can find one of the largest green areas of Sicily: Ronza Park. The Park is divided into several areas and has large spaces where the land is flat, and ideal picnic sites were set up, provided

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RNO Bellia, Rossomanno, Grottascura 1 - Fine Art Produzioni R.N.O. Bellia-Rossomanno-Grottascura

The Oriented Nature Reserve Rossomanno-Grottascura-Bellia is a protected natural area in the province of Enna, and is included in the municipal territories of Piazza Armerina and Aidone. It extends for about 20 Km, and the large

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La Villa Romana del Casale 15 - Fine Art Produzioni Villa Romana del Casale

About 5 km south of the city is the Villa Romana del Casale, whose discovery is the most important archaeological find of the last fifty years. Its immense value for documenting the history of art is mainly due to more than 40 p

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Forre Laviche e Ponte dei Saraceni 9 - Fine Art Produzioni Simeto Lava Gorge Natural Reserve

On the border between Centuripe and Adrano, along the Simeto river (the largest Sicilian river), extends a protected area of about 291 hectares, which includes the territories of Bronte and Randazzo. In this area the Simeto has

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San Filippo

Every May 1, Aidone becomes the destination of a pilgrimage from about 50 Sicilian villages; many pilgrims face the journey on foot. The reason for this massive effort is the widespread affection of inland Sicily to this saint.

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Morgantina 2 - Fine Art Produzioni Morgantina Archeological site

A thousand years of urban history concluded two thousand years ago. This could summarize the story of Morgantina, the city that can better show the visitor also non-experts, better than many other archaeological sites, how urban

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Museo Archeologico 6 - foto del Museo Archeologico di Centuripe Centuripe Regional Archaeological Museum

Although much of the archaeological finds from Centuripe are scattered throughout various national and international museums; the Centuripe Archaeological Museum opened in 2000, combining major municipal collections formed in th

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Forre Laviche e Ponte dei Saraceni 12 - Fine Art Produzioni Saracen Bridge (9th century)

The Saracen Bridge is dated from the 9th century and links the territory of Adrano with that of Centuripe. It stands on the banks of the Simeto river, the largest in Sicily, flowing along this stretch in a channel enclosed in ba

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