Cultural events
Morgantina rivive 5 - Erminio Gattuso Morgantina Comes Alive

As if the Morgantina site itself was not enough, it offers one more way to get an idea of ancient city life in a single glance. What is more, its completeness in such a small space, between public spaces and private homes, inclu

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Kore Enna - su concessione Università Kore di Enna 3 University of Enna KORE

The University of Enna Kore (also known by the acronym UKE) is non Italian state university, established in 2004, recognized by the Ministry of Education in 2005 and named after the mythological figure of Kore. The UKE has some

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Stone Theaters

Bring places to life and get them talking through theater. With this in mind, for many years in various archaeological sites in Sicily and elsewhere, classical performances are held that attract thousands of fans. Morgantina wit

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