Celebrations and Town Feasts Itineraries

The itinerary offers participation in a unique event allowing you to relive sounds and images that were lost over the centuries. It is not easy to describe the most majestic historical re-enactment  in a few words , it must be lived to be understood!

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It.Sagre_riti_FestaZzaVecciaPiazzaArmerina_20 Feast of Zazza Veccia – Piazza Armerina

One  of  the  most  evocative  moments to visit  Piazza Armerina is May 3rd in occasion of the Feast of St. Mary of Piazza Vecchia, in honor of the patron saint of victories, one of the oldest  religious and tourist folk traditions of the city.

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It.Sagre_riti_FestaSanLorenzoAidone_19 Feast of St. Lawrence – Aidone

Although   Aidone   is  a  “must – see”  destination  at  any  time  during  the year ,  going  to   the  village  on  August  10  for  the  feast  of  the Patron  Saint,   is   a unique  opportunity  to  experience  a  moment  of  great excitement.

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It.Sagre_riti_FestaSanFilippoAidone_10 The feast of St. Philip – Aidone May 1st

VisitingAidone onMay1st, means participating in one of the most evocative and engaging moments of the city.The feast of the StPhilip begins on the 30th ofApril,the eve,when the town is filled with kiosks and street vendors and pilgrims from all over.

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It.Sagre_Riti_SuggestiveSagreAgostp_42 The suggestive festivals of the hinterland in August

We mainly suggest visiting the medieval villages of the Sicilian hinterland during the second week ofAugust,when, besides being able to enjoy mild temperatures, although it is one of the hottest periods of summer, you can attend events and festivals.

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It.Sagre_Riti_MaggioEntroterra_45 May in the Sicilian hinterland between city festivals and nature

The tour suggests visiting  some areas of the District during May when the temperatures are pleasant.  You can admire the  magnificent blooming nature exploding, coloring the valleys that surround two medieval villages of Aidone and  Piazza Armerina.

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The  guided  tour offers visits of the territories in the Tourist District “Dea di Morgantina” during the  amazing  Christmas  period, living a magical atmosphere  between  beautiful nativity  scenes and  savouring typical  Sicilian local sweets.

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It.Sagre_Riti_SettimanaSanta_51 Holy Week between splendor and religion in the municipalities of the Tourist District

The  Easter  period  is undoubtedly the most exciting time to discover the territories of the  tourist District.  The celebrations of the rituals of the  Holy Week  raise an intense  emotional  participation even involving the tourists who  attend. 

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It.Sagre_riti_FestaSanGiacomo_14 The feast of the patron Saint James – The Lighted Steps

Visiting  Caltagirone  during the  feast  of  Saint  James is a unique opportunity,  experiencing  the  magical  atmosphere  of  a  city that keeps a strong link with its patron saint. The  festivities  begin on  July  23rd in  the center  of  town.

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