Food and Wine Tour of Local and Regional Delicacies
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A tour of different tastes isn’t exactly an actual path you can customize to the geography ofthe different areas,but an experience that gathers theknowledge of theterritory and accompanies visitors through wonderful colors andflavors up to the table.


The tour starts in Centuripe , discovering its rich and high-quality red Orange of Sicily IGP. The Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) “Arancia rossa di Sicilia” is a mark of quality awarded to the territory of Centuripe (in addition to certain territories of the provinces of Catania, Ragusa and Siracusa) where the red orange is not only a mark of quality, a fundamental economic activity, but also the symbol of a laborious Sicily, whose fruits are exported throughout Italy and throughout the world, with several days of celebration in their honour.  The oranges cultivated here have a bright orange rind with different red tones depending on the variety and the moment of harvest and sweet taste.  Among the different varieties with the PGI mark, “u taruocco” is the one mainly produced in Centuripe. For more information, please contact the Pro Loco of Centuripe (Viale Corradino s.n.c. municipal premises- Tel: 3807904393.  Info:



After Centuripe we head towards Aidone, where the “granu maccu” (the first popular and exceptional dish) and the famous Aidone cicerchia excell. The “Maccu” is a dense cream of grains or pulses that have fill the island’s tables since the ancient times. In particular, in the area of Aidone, grain is  very common, simply seasoned with olive oil and prepared with coarse, stone-ground flour of durum wheat. It is the first characteristic dish of peasant cultures, eaten during the holidays, and also inserted in the “National List of traditional agri-food products” of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.


The seeds of the cicerchia, a bit bigger than peas, of quadrangular and irregular shape and inserted in compressed pods containing from 2 to 5 seeds, are pulses belonging to the Fabaceae family. The cultivation of this pulse has very ancient origins and its production is very limited in size and quantity. Until now, cultivated mainly for self-consumption, the Cicerchia of Aidone, thanks to the recovery work of the community, starts to be rediscovered and also used in local restaurants. In fact, in addition to the preparation of soups and creams, one of the typical dishes of this area is prepared with the Cicerchia, a sort of polenta obtained from roasted and ground seeds called “Frascuatula” by the locals.  Moreover, the flour of Cicerchia of Aidone is obtained from this seed. For more information please contact the Pro Loco of Aidone (Via Mazzini 1- – Tel: 333 1791293).



Moving further south, the earth is colored by the sweet Ficodindia DOP of San Cono, a city  located between Piazza Armerina and Caltagirone. Do not miss a pit-stop in Piazza Armerina for a taste of delicious  almond wine, a white wine processed with the essence of very delicate and fragrant almonds.  It can be an excellent aperitif if served cold or an ideal combination with delicious desserts of the Sicilian tradition.  To complete the food and wine tour of this magnificent area, Caltagirone offers us the Cubbaita or Giuggiulena,  “torrone”  a nut and nougat confection of Arabic origin, made of candied orange, cooked wine, chickpeas, honey and sometimes almonds (another typical production of the Calatino area). This completes our path of tasty local delicacies. In Caltagirone it is mainly prepared with honey and sesame seeds. For more information, please contact the Pro Loco of Caltagirone (Via Taranto, 12. Tel: 3396103760. Info:


We suggest you continue discovering this territory by visiting the historical centers of Aidone, Caltagirone, Centuripe and Piazza Armerina and staying at one of the excellent accommodation facilities in the area so you can dedicate the following days to the many activities offered.


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