Tradition and taste at Christmas in the Tourist District
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The  guided  tour offers visits of the territories in the Tourist District “Dea di Morgantina” during the  amazing  Christmas  period, living a magical atmosphere  between  beautiful nativity  scenes and  savouring typical  Sicilian local sweets.


We start from Centuripe, where for years, at Christmas, the city is transformed into an enormous nativity scene thanks to the famous event planning of “Centuripe in the Nativity“.  It is a series of artistically  made nativity scenes set up along the streets of the city which attract many tourists every year.  Take this opportunity to visit the historic center in this fascinating scenery, full of melodies, lights, decorations and delicacies such as the typical “Cucciddati” and the “Bersaglieri”.  The “cucciddati” are biscuits made predominantly with dried fruit (figs, almonds, raisins, walnuts, etc.) and honey. The “bersagliere” is a chocolate-covered cake invented during the World War II.  It seems, in fact, that the origin of this cake is linked to the landing of American soldiers in Sicily in 1943 and at that time were generically called “bersaglieri” (Sharpshooters of the Italian Army).  When the Irish, Canadians and Americans arrived in Centuripe, the housewives were involved in baking this typical cake, similar to the panettone.  As a sign of hospitality, they decided to combine their dessert with the chocolate that the Americans brought, resulting in this sweet mix called “bersagliere”.  It soon became part of the “centuripina” tradition. For further information, please contact the Pro Loco of Centuripe (Viale Corradino s.n.c. -Tel: 3807904393. Info: ).


From Centuripe, departure towards Aidone (about 37.3 miles) where, along the characteristic streets of the ancient District of San Giacomo, you can visit the live nativity scene: a splendid itinerant sacred representation concerning the mystery of the Birth of Jesus (usually scheduled in the afternoon on the weekend after Christmas.  Admission is free). It is a real 40-minute theatrical representation that allows the visitor, surrounded by scents and music, to immerge into the full atmosphere of the Nativity.  At the end of the performance you can also taste typical products such as “buccellato”: a rectangular biscuit that, even though it’s winter, it brings to the palate the flavors of summer.  Both, the one with figs (Picciddata di ficu), and the one with almonds (Picciddata di miennuli) are mixed with cloves, cinnamon, Marsala, honey and citrus fruits, producing complete ecstasy of the palate that permit exotic travel with the simple action of taste.  For more information about the time of the event you can contact the Pro Loco of Aidone (Via Mazzini 1- – Tel: 333 1791293).


It is recommended to stay at one of the excellent accommodation facilities awarded the territorial brand “Goddess of Morgantina” located in Aidone or Piazza Armerina. The next day, before continuing the tour to Caltagirone, we advise that you take a walk among the culture and beauty of Piazza Armerina, tasting their famous almond wine, a white delicate and fragrant wine processed with the essence of almonds.  Served cold it can be an excellent aperitif or the ideal combination with the delicious desserts of the Sicilian tradition.  For information about guided tours (languages spoken by specialized guides: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan and Greek), events and exhibitions in the city or other information about archaeological sites or museums, please contact the STS-Tourist Services , the AGIEO Travel Agency or the COPAT consortium (via Cavour 4 – open from Monday to Friday from 10 to 13 and from 16 to 18. Info: 3358432056- 3510358216) or the Pro Loco Mosaici of Piazza Armerina Tourist Association (Boris Giuliano Square 48. Info:


The final stop of the tour is the visit of the enchanting city of Caltagirone (18.6 miles from Piazza Armerina) in occasion of the representations and the events that develop with “Christmas in Caltagirone” offers to tourists the opportunity to visit over thirty Nativity scenes that express the great cultural, devotional and artistic tradition, of Caltagirone.  You can visit museums, exhibits, and see concerts and shows. On the streets there are craft markets, and the setting of the largest nativity scene in Italy: over 400 square meters of the nativity set up in Sicilian- style with over 300 characters made entirely by hand by local potters, along with portrayals of mountains, streams of water, houses and representation of ancient crafts.  Between visiting one nativity scene and another, it is recommended to taste the typical “cuddureddi” puff pastries of circular shape (8 cm in diameter and about 1/1.5 high) filled with cooked wine and almonds.  They are cooked in the oven keeping the outer dough pale-looking (worked almost like an embroidery with so-called pinches). These delicaciesv are prepared especially during the Christmas holidays, but from October to March it is always possible to buy them in pastry shops. For more information, please contact the Pro Loco of Caltagirone (Via Taranto, 12. Tel: 3396103760. Info:


We suggest you to continue discovering the territory visiting the historical centers of the mentioned cities, (Aidone, Caltagirone, Centuripe and Piazza Armerina) staying at one of the excellent accommodation facilities in the area so that you can dedicate the following days to the many activities offered.


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