Archeotrekking among castles and fortresses in the municipalities of the District
This nature  route  of  historical  and  archaeological interest, allows  you to explore and visit the castles that  are located  within the territory of the Touristic  District of the Goddess of  Morgantina.Discover our proposal of this itinerary!


Day 1: from the Corradino Castle in Centuripe to the Aragonese Castle in Piazza Armerina (49 miles)- overnight in Piazza Armerina
Day 2: Trekking Gresti Castle in Aidone (19 miles km)- In the afternoon transfer and overnight in Caltagirone (50 miles)

Day 3: Visit to the Granieri Castle “Silvestri’s homestead/farm” (10 miles from Caltagirone, GPS coordinates: 37.132790, 14.576904)

This tour starts with a visit to Centuripe of the Corradino Castle (Viale Corradino), a square-planned building, where its outer part forms a porch- like structure called pronaos, reminds us of a tower.  The name “castle”, in fact, seems inappropriate because in reality, it’s a  mausoleum dating back to the Imperial Age which, together with the “Dogana” (via Napoli), also a tower, are among the most important funerary monuments of the Middle Empire known in Sicily. In the thirteenth century the castle was used by Conrad Capace as a fortress in the defense of the Swabians in Sicily. The place is particularly suggestive not only for the uniqueness of the monument that attests the importance of Centuripe in the era of imperial Rome, but also for the beautiful landscape of Catania and Etna. For more information, please contact the Pro Loco of  Centuripe (Viale Corradino s.n.c.- Tel: 380-7904393. Info:

After  lunch at a farm in Centuripe that, in addition to offering hospitality and tasty typical dishes, is home to the production of the famous red oranges of Sicily IGP, we head towards  Piazza Armerina to visit the Aragonese Castle (distance 49 miles). The Castle of Piazza Armerina (Piazza Castello) is located on the southern slope of the Mira hill, south-west of the ancient medieval center of the city. Also known as ” Spinelli Castle”, it was built around the end of the fourteenth century as Martin I, King of Sicily requested. Linked to the historical story of the Aragonese who led Sicily after the expulsion of the Angevins, the manor in 1812 was used as a prison. Although the complex, privately owned, is now in poor state of conservation in need of restoration, it is still worth admiring before continuing the visit of the historic center of Piazza Armerina and staying at one of the quality facilities awarded the territorial mark of our District. For additional information on opening hours of museums, exhibitions and archaeological sites or for guided tours (languages spoken by specialized guides: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan and Greek), we advise you to please contact STS-Tourist services or COPAT (via Cavour 4. Info at: 335-8432056 or 351-0358216) or Agieo Travel Agency or the Pro Loco Mosaici of Piazza Armerina Tourist Association (Boris Giuliano Square 48. Info:

After a rich breakfast at the hotel, the itinerary continues in discovering the Gresti Castle or Pietratagliata near Aidone, which is about 19 miles from the historic center of Piazza Armerina (not far from the archaeological excavations of Morgantina). In order to reach the site you have to cross Aidone, take the SS288, turn off on the Sp35a and immediately take the first right, onto SP67. After a few miles, SP67 becomes unpaved. The castle is privately owned and can be visited free of charge.  Although, at times, the road is rough and in a neglected state, it is definitely worth venturing up top  to admire the castle from a higher point and enjoy a breathtaking view (just think, that the castle was used as a sighting fortress to check the vast territory which included Catania, Syracuse, Lentini, Naxos towards the historical settlements of Morgantina and Enna). It is possible to book an excursion by quad. For additional  information on guided tours or opening times of the sites, we advise you to please contact the Pro Loco of Aidone (Via Mazzini 1- Tel: 333 1791293).

After visiting the Gresti Castle, we head towards Caltagirone (39 miles) for a walk in the historic center and overnight at one of the excellent accommodation facilities of the city. In the morning, head south to visit Il the Granieri Castle “Silvestri Homestead/framhouse” (coordinates 37.132790, 14.576904). The Silvestri farm is an impressive structure located in Granieri (fraction of Caltagirone), built in 1885 by Antonino Silvestri after acquiring a large part of the former feud.  The construction, located at a height of 351 meters above sea level, constituted the first stable settlement of the feud and was populated by farmers who worked on the large property of Silvestri. Until 1925, inside the farm/homestead, the only settlement of the current village, a chapel for religious services, a rural school, a police station and a minimarket for necessities were also present.  Today the castle is used as an agricultural farm, only the owners live here and it offers the opportunity to buy good wine and to visit a unique architectural structure on the Calatino countryside. For additional information, please contact the Pro Loco of Caltagirone (Via Taranto, 12. Tel: 339-6103760. Info:

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