At least a full day to visit Aidone, the Regional Archaeological Museum and the archaeological area of Morgantina, to absorb the details, sounds and landscapes of the Aidonese territory and its intense history.
You reach Aidone (How to Get There) and go straight to the Archaeological Museum, in Largo Torres Trupia, in the northwestern part of the country. After the visit that will help to understand the extensive history of the Morgantina site, with an in-depth look at the Goddess and the acrolites, you can take a nice walk in the village and, if you have time, up to the ruins of the Castle. In the afternoon, after a restorative lunch, it is time of the ancient city, just 8 km from the village. The 288 State Road, nestled in the ploughed fields and olive groves, is reached (about 5 km, 37.424926, 14.459987) a side road, which must be taken and that leads to the rest areas just at the entrance of the archaeological area of Morgantina.


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