The itinerary offers participation in a unique event allowing you to relive sounds and images that were lost over the centuries. It is not easy to describe the most majestic historical re-enactment  in a few words , it must be lived to be understood!

We can only say that when the sounds of the drums and the trumpets begin to play, in the atmosphere of Piazza Armerina, it awakens all the minds of all the inhabitants of the areas who area called to live the most majestic historical re-enactment in Southern Italy, the Palio dei Normanni.


The Palio is repeated every year on August 12th, 13th and 14th, in Piazza Armerina in occasion of the splendid medieval festival that brings to mind the Holy War, led by the christians of Count Roger I against the Muslims, which brought to the liberation of the city. The Palio dei Normanni is the most important reconstruction of medieval history in Southern Italy, with over 600 people, is part of the FIGS (Italian Federation of Historical Games) and is registered in the Book of Intangible Heritage of the Sicilian Region. In the beautiful setting of the historic center of the city, dames, knights, troops and militia create a suggestive “return to the past”. Horse racing (at the stadium) and parades in beautiful traditional costumes tell the history of the city. It is a special experience that all of Piazza Armerina lives with passion waiting for the “quintana” where the four historic districts face each other in an exciting carousel. Medieval festivals, music and dancing are a splendid setting for this event.


It is recommended to stay at one of the excellent accommodation facilities in the area not only to attend the three-day Palio dei Normanni but to also explore the neighboring territories and take part in the many authentic activities that can be carried out in the area of the Morgantina Tourist District.


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