May in the Sicilian hinterland between city festivals and nature
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The tour suggests visiting  some areas of the District during May when the temperatures are pleasant.  You can admire the  magnificent blooming nature exploding, coloring the valleys that surround two medieval villages of Aidone and  Piazza Armerina. where you can participate in the particularly engaging religious festivities.


It starts in Aidone on May 1st in occasion of the feast of Saint Philip, but already on the eve, April 30th, the city is colored with kiosks and street vendors and filled with visitors and pilgrims. The church remains open all night to allow the devoted people to enter and pray.  The following day, the city becomes the location of many pilgrimages from over 50 Sicilian cities: many pilgrims, equipped with “Zagareddi“, (stripes of multicolored fabrics ) face the journey on foot, for miles, to ask for grace or to thank the Saint for grace received and according to tradition, they go up to the statue with a lighted candles.


It is recommended to dedicate the following day, May 2nd, visiting Aidone for a walking tour of the city, to visit the archaeological area of Morgantina or to take part in the many activities offered by the District, over-nighting at one of the excellent accommodation facilities indicated. For more information, please contact the Pro Loco of Aidone (Via Mazzini 1- – Tel: 333 1791293).


On May 3, we move to nearby Piazza Armerina where we celebrate the Feast of St. Mary of Piazza Vecchia, in honour of the patron saint: the Madonna delle Vittorie. This is such a special moment to visit Piazza Armerina. This religious event, particularly loved by the citizens of Piazza Armerina, has ancient origins. It is said that near the present Sanctuary of Piazza Vecchia, around 1348, a portrait of the Madonna delle Vittorie was found and the miracle of the cessation of the plague that was affecting the population was attributed to her.  Every year, on the last Sunday of April, a copy of the sacred icon of St. Mary of the Victories, is carried in a suggestive procession from the Sanctuary of Piazza Vecchia, a couple of kilometers along a farm road, up to the Church of the Guardian Angels, to be venerated by all the devoted people and then brought back on May 3rd, day of the feast, when between manifestations of great devotion and moments of folklore, the sacred image returns to the Sanctuary.


For more information on opening hours of museums, exhibitions and archaeological sites or for guided tours (languages spoken by specialized guides: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan and Greek), it is reccommended to contact STS-Tourist Services or the COPAT consortium (via Cavour 4 – open from Monday to Friday from 10am to 1pm and from 4pm to 6pm. Info: 3358432056- 3510358216) or the Agieo Travel Agency or the Pro Loco Mosaici of Piazza Armerina Tourist Office (Piazza Boris Giuliano 48. Info:


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